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Victoria Borges is a painter and illustrator currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013 and holds a BFA in Communication Arts and Design.

Clients include:

The Washington Post, Richmond Magazine, Capital One, R・Home Magazine, R・Bride Magazine, Virginia Living Magazine, Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Virginia Magazine, University of Richmond Magazine, the Chicago Reader, Viction:ary, 





Gold for a Silver Situation

Gallery 5

Richmond VA

January 2018


First Friday Art Opening

Endeavor RVA

Richmond VA

April 2016


Arts Recrafted

Printa Wien

Vienna, Austria

March 2015


First Friday Art Opening

Solo Show

New Normal Apparel Company

Richmond VA

February 2014


Sweaty Armpits and Swimming

Pools -A Summer-Themed 

Instant Zine Exhibition 

Studio Two Three 

Richmond VA  

October 2013


Emerging Printmakers 

Studio Two Three

Richmond VA 

May 2013 

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